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“The Playbook+ talent team has been a game changer for my personal brand and business.
Melissa Alcantara
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Frequently asked questions

What type of creators can use Playbook?

All creators who have an active lifestyle and something to teach! Our current creator roster includes: trainers, fitness instructors and influencers, yogis, meditation experts, CrossFit instructors, endurance athletes, coaches for all sports (MMA, soccer, basketball, golf, etc.), athletes of all levels, physical therapists, nutritionists, fitness models, extreme sports, and many more.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, there are no upfront, management, or membership fees to be a creator on Playbook. We offer paid services if you prefer to outsource the work to our team, but you have access to the full platform for free.

What is the payment structure?

You get 80% (minus processing fees) of the subscription revenue from the users you bring in through your sales page. Playbook receives the remaining 20% which is invested back into the company to build better tech and features to improve and grow your business.

How do I avoid losing subscribers to other creators?

You own all users who come to the app through your sales page. While they can still see other creators' content on Playbook, their revenue is yours for the life of their subscription.

Do I need to create my own sales page?

We offer a customizable sales page template for all of our creators. You can easily and seamlessly create a beautiful sales page directly for users to purchase your app. If you’d like to upgrade to an advanced sales page, built by Playbook, consider upgrading to Playbook+. 

Do I have access to customer data?

Yes. You have access to the name, email address, and subscription status of your users.

Can I create whatever type of content that I want?

Yes — and we encourage you to be creative! In addition to any fitness content, you should also create any wellness-related content that you are passionate about. Some examples include Nutrition, Mindset, Meditation, etc.

What type of format does my video content need to be in?

We have the ability to support both clips for the gym and classes for home on our platform. There are no limits to the amount (and type) of content you can upload.

Can I still have other business offerings while on Playbook?

Absolutely! We support our creators to do whatever makes sense for their business.

Will I have help building my workouts and programs?

We have plenty of support materials provided to you through the onboarding process, including how to build programs. If you prefer to outsource your building to us, consider upgrading to Playbook+. 

Why should I use Playbook?

99% of fitness platforms lock you and your content up for life. Most just hand you the technology and say 'good luck'. We don't do that at Playbook. We are a creator-first company — everything we do is to help you succeed.

At Playbook you:

  • Own your content, data, and customers
  • Create as much content as you want from anywhere in the world
  • Utilize cutting-edge technology that is improved constantly with your feedback and customizations
  • Access education and training to help you maximize your business success
  • Lean on design and tech support to help you build, brand, and promote your experience

How much money can I make on Playbook?

There are creators on Playbook making well over $1 million a year. The success you have, and the money you make, is all dependent on you — you get out what you put in. We are here to help you along the way to build up your channel and bring in more cash.

I'm thinking about paying someone to create my own app, why should I choose Playbook instead?

Great apps cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to not only start, but also to maintain. You will likely have to sacrifice user experience and design aspects just to get the app up and running. Then, you’ll have to do it all — fix bugs, customer support, invest your time and money to make updates, etc.

When you partner with Playbook, we handle the logistics. We give you a fantastic, functional app to start with the latest technology. We consistently make improvements based on your feedback, help you design your channel, and provide you with all the materials you need to succeed. Plus, you get to keep 80% of the revenue (minus processing fees).